Cutting Edge Sharpening provides restaurant knife programs in SW Michigan and NW Indiana, with the following advantages:

You can save money and get better service from a local knife sharpening business that understands the demands and seasonality of operating a restaurant in Harbor Country. Our focus is to provide exactly what you want when you want it.

Sharpening – Care is taken to expertly grind, hone and test each blade. Our equipment and procedures are designed to maintain accurate and consistent edges. We can sharpen standard western edged knives as well as Asian blades.

Custom Programs – Each knife program is designed to meet your needs, which can be easily adapted to the requirements of the kitchen, season and/or business change. Rental, Purchase, periodic sharpening and self-sharpening options are available based on chef preferences. Knife maintenance and sharpening training is also available if required.

Equipment – You can choose a variety of knives and brands for purchase at discounted prices and/or included in the rental program. We can also recommend and provide sharpening equipment.

Rental Programs – Cutting Edge Sharpening provides two sets of knives dedicated to your restaurant. You choose the replacement frequency, which can be modified depending on the season, or suspended when the restaurant is closed. Extra services (e.g., sharpening chef owned knives, additional equipment for special events, etc.) can also be provided.

To receive a free quote, contact:

David Blum