During this time of Covid-19 virus pandemic restrictions and because I am on a virus-extended vacation in Naples, Italy and am unable to sharpen your knives.  I thought it would be useful if you had some suggestions to sharpen your own knives since you are properly cooking more than usual and might have time on your hands.  My suggestions range from the simple and inexpensive "pull-thru" sharpeners to a few more expensive electric sharpeners.  All can be easily purchased on-line or at local stores.

Pull-Thru Sharpeners

  • Rapela 2-stage ceramic sharpener is available in outdoor and fishing tackle shops and should cost around $5.00
  • AcuSharp - carbide sharpener is recommended by Cooks Illustrated and should cost around $11.00.  It is available on Amazon
  • Wusthof 4347 pull thru sharpener.  Approximately $39.00


  • Chef's Choice Diamond Hone, recommended by Cooks Illustrated and available on Amazon for about $120
  • Wusthof 4341 electric sharpener.  Approximately $170 on Amazon

If you have questions send me email to dblum@avanzata.biz