April 25, 2020

Cutting Edge Sharpening Past Customers,

I hope this email finds you and your family well and safe.

This is to let you know that I am currently in Naples, Italy on a virus-extended vacation and am due to return to New Buffalo on June 1st.This is my best guess of my return date, but who knows since the airlines cancelled flights starting with my originally scheduled return on March 31st.In case you are wondering my wife and I are well and comfortable.

I am hoping to resume limited sharpening mid-June after a self-quarantine period once we are home.I am working with various farmers markets to see if/when they will resume.My primary objective is for me and my customers to remain safe, while getting their blades sharpened.Although I have not worked out all the details, I will use the following guidelines.

  • I will wear masks and gloves, adhere to social distancing guidelines and restrict my movement.I expect all customers and store/market employees to do the same
  • I will adhere to all state and federal laws and mandates for best practices
  • I will only accept credit card payments that you can make on-line from invoices that I send to you from Square.I do not want to handle credit cards or cash.
  • I will only accept blades in disposable paper (e.g., newspaper).I will spray the blades with disinfectant before and after I sharpen them, use gloves during the sharpening process and return them in new paper wrapping.
  • I will accept mail order sharpening requests and knife sales

I will keep you informed about drop-off locations and the status of markets.

Some of you might want to use this time as an opportunity to sharpen your own blades.I have posted some suggestions for knife self-sharpening equipment on www.cuttingedgesharp.com, Self Sharpening tab.I would be happy to answer questions and provide advice about other sharpening methods (e.g., belt sanders, wet-stones, etc.).The best way to contact me before I return to the US is by email.dblum@avanzata.biz.If you want to have a conversation, let me know a good date/time and your telephone number, recognizing that I am 7 hours ahead of the Eastern Time zone, and I will call you.

Stay healthy and secure,