The cutting Edge program is designed to train professional sharpeners of knives, scissors, hand tools, chainsaw blades and garden tools. It is anticipated that the general course outline that follows will be adapted to the needs of individual sharpener requirements:

  • Marketing Plan/Questions
  • Business Issues
  • Equipment Selection
  • Sharpening Training
  • Farmets Markets Procedures
  • Advertising
  • Other Services & Sales
  • Resources

The materials and approach used in Cutting Edge Sharpener Training was developed by Steve Bottorff of Sharpening Made Easy and his training materials are included in the price of each course.

It is recognized that practicing sharpeners use a variety of equipment and techniques depending on their expertise, customer requirements and budget for equipment. This course however only includes equipment and techniques that I currently use. It should be noted that the course does not include clipper blade, saw blades and grooming shear sharpening.

Please contact David Blum at 312-933-7737 (Cell) for information about sharpening training or send an email to to request additional information.