Cutting Edge Sharpening used a variety of sharpening tools:

For most plain edge knife blades we grind/manufacture a new edge on a Tormek wet grinder, which is an efficient grinder that will not burn the edge or change its temper. After grinding blades are typically honed on paper wheels that provide durable edge as sharp or sharper than the original edge. The primary sharpening system is supplemented by:

  • A belt sander is used to repair broken tips, chips in the edge and to correct blade geometry so the knife will perform as originally intended. Blades with convex edges (typically custom-made knives) are sharpened on the slack portion of the belt sander. The belt sander is also used to sharpen hand and garden tools
  • Scissors are sharpened on the Twice-as-Sharp scissor sharpener
  • Knives with Asian and other special edges (e.g., single bevel sushi knives) are finished on Japanese wet stones and leather strops
  • Serrated edged knives (e.g., bread knives) are sharpened and repaired on a special grinder. The following pictures show the before and after image of a sharpened bread knife.